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  1. South Africa: A Bleak or Bright Future

    Being a committed South African, I am somewhat concerned with where our democratic state is heading. Whilst I would not wish to describe myself as a pessimist, I am hopeful but not much of an optimist. Nonetheless, the socio-political and economic developments force individuals like me to adopt a negative rather than a positive outlook.

    As an expat located in the neighbourhood and looking in from the ‘outside’ and listening to comments about our social and political leadership the future seems bleak rather than bright. There are, of course, many internal and external factors that have contributed to this scenario.

    When one scans the newspapers and read about (a) the corruption that has sweeped through (some of) the corridors of power, (b)the crime (white-collar crime, heists, incest, rape, abuse, fraud, pilfering, etc.) that has spread into all sectors of our society, (c) the increasing number of protests because of the lack of service delivery in many rural towns, (d) the crumbling health-care sector where one finds mismanaged hospitals and badly run clinics in both the urban and rural areas, and the list goes on.

    Yes, I accept the fact that there are ‘good’ stories that seldom reach the media to demonstrate that there is also a positive side of our South African society. But all evidence seem to suggest that the ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ elements outweigh the ‘good’ or ‘positive’ elements.

    Let me end this general comment on the socio-political issues: as a country there is enough wealth that resides in its belly and all of it should be shared amongst all. Our social and political leadership should therefore publicly show that it is committed to sharing the wealth with everyone and not allow individuals and corporate companies to enrich themselves at the expense of the masses.

    Aluta Continua (the struggle continues)
    Abu Abdullah

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