2007 Phd Degree (International Relations) Rhodes University

1990 Drs. Degree (Semitic Studies) Free University of Amsterdam

1987 B.A. Honours (Semitic Studies) University of South Africa

1986 M.Soc.Sc. Degree (Religious Studies) University of Cape Town

1985 B.A. Honours (Religious Studies) University of Cape Town

1977 B.A. Degree (Arabic and Islamic Studies) University of Durban Westville


 1986 Certificate of Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language King Sa`ud University

1980 Certificate of Advanced Arabic University of Riyadh (now K.S.U.)

Biographical Sketch

 Muhammed Haron was born (1955) in Cape Town, Western Cape.

1. Education

(a)   Primary and High School Education:

Haron received his early education in public schools in this city: Kromboom Pre-School, Moslem B Primary (Lansdowne), Talfalah Primary (Claremont), Myhof Primary (Lansdowne) and Oaklands High School.

(b)   University Education

He earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree (1977) with majors in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the University of Durban-Westville. After this he spent two years at Riyadh University’s Institute of the Arabic Language where he obtained The Advanced Certificate in the Arabic Language (1980), and later a Certificate in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (1986).

Haron joined the University of Cape Town (hereafter UCT) and the University of South Africa where he completed his BA Honours in Religious Studies (1984) and Semitic Studies (1987) respectively. During these two years he also completed his Masters in Social Science – Religious Studies (1986) at UCT, and went on to finish the Doctorandus Degree in Semitics (1990) at the Vrije Universiteit te Amsterdam. And during 2007 he completed his doctoral dissertation on ‘SA-Malaysia Relations: Identity and History’ in Department of Politics and International Relations at Rhodes University.

2.      Teaching:

(a)   Part-Time and Full-Time

He started out as a part-time lecturer at the University of the Western Cape in 1982, and laid the foundations for the Department of Arabic Studies, which he chaired since 1984 (as full-time lecturer) until 1995. Before being appointed as Senior Lecturer in 1989 in DAS, he was involved for three years (1986-1988) in laying the basis for an undergraduate course in ‘Islamic Studies’ for the Department of Religious Studies at UCT; during that period until 1991 he was also responsible for teaching a course in ‘Islamic Education’ in the Faculty of Education at UCT. He was also an occasional lecturer in UWC’s Department of Biblical Studies between 1990 and 1998.

(b)   Visiting

In July 1993 he was a visiting lecturer in the Institut Alam dan Tamadun Melayu at the National University of Malaysia for two weeks, and he was a visiting lecturer (1993/1994) in the Department of Arabic Studies and Islamic Civilization located in the Faculty of Islamic Studies at the same university; he taught a course on ‘Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa.’ He was also a visiting lecturer in the Department of Practical Theology & Missiology attached to the Faculty of Theology at Stellenbosch University during February and March 2008; he taught a course on ‘Islam’. Thereafter he was also a visiting lecturer in the Department of Political & International Studies at Rhodes University from the beginning of April until the end of May 2008 where he taught a course on ‘Religion and International Relations’.

3. Awards & Recognitions

During his academic career he received the Educational Opportunities Council Award in 1989/90, Mellon Award in 1992, and the Prestigious Scholarship Award in 1992/3 from the Human Science Research Council. He recently completed: South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (circa 1993-2008): An Annotated Bibliography ([for] Nova Science: New York 2009).He received ASAIB award on 13 May 2011 for the best bibliography.

He completed numerous articles, which mainly concentrate on Muslims in South Africa; these cover a variety of areas, namely bibliographical, cultural, media, and socio-linguistic studies. His 209 page 1997 publication is Muslims in South Africa: An Annotated Bibliography (Cape Town: South African Library & Centre for Contemporary Islam [UCT]) was honorably mentioned at the Africana Librarian Council’s [of the African Studies Association of the USA] Conover-Porter African Bibliographies Awards in 1998.

4. Major Publications

(a)   Books: Authored, Compiled and Edited

In 1989 Haron co-authored First Steps in Arabic Grammar; the 3rd edition was published by Iqra International Publishers in Chicago (1997); it was further revised and reprinted in 2007. In 2009 the first edition of Second Steps in Arabic Grammar was issued by Iqra.

He published Muslims in South Africa: An Annotated Bibliography (Cape Town: South African Library with Centre for Contemporary Islam [UCT]) in 1997. During 2006 he published The Dynamics of Christian-Muslim Relations in South Africa (ca 1960-2000) [Uppsala: Alqmvist] and in 2008 he edited Going Forward: South Africa-Malaysia Relations Cementing South-South Connections (Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology Press: Kuala Lumpur).At end of 2009 he published South African Truth And Reconciliation Commission: An Annotated Bibliography (New York: Nova Science).

(b)   Journals: edited

He edited two issues (1997 & 1998/1999) of Journal for Islamic Studies; an academic journal issued annually by the Centre for Contemporary Islam at the University of Cape Town. During 2007 he was guest editor of Tydskrif vir Letterkunde (University of Pretoria) for a special issue on Arabo-Islamic Literature that appeared in March 2008.

5. Other

Apart from the academic activities, he has been active in a number of committees in UWC’s Faculty of Arts. He represented the Faculty on the Senate’s International Relations Committee, and was its deputy chairperson. He was also an executive member of the university’s Institute of Historical Research, and represented the Arts Faculty in 1996 & 1997 respectively on the Faculty of Religion and Theology. The UWC Staff Association also appointed him to represent them on the BTF for Communication & International Relations. He held the temporary position as USAID TELP Coordinator at UWC between 1999 and 2000.

6. Current Position

Presently he is Associate Professor in the Department of Theology & Religious Studies at the University of Botswana (2000-2010) teaching courses in Philosophy of Religion, Sociology of Religion, Religion & Politics, Religion & Development and Religious Pluralism. Contact Details: Cell: 0826266766 (South Africa) 71499646 (Botswana), Ph.3555025 (office) & Fax: 3185098 (humanities). E-mail: (alternative:


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